Midland Inpatient Medical Associates, or MIMA, provides hospital medicine services to patients in Midland Memorial Hospital.  MIMA providers are trained in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine and have extensive and dedicated experience in inpatient care. They see hospitalized patients who have been referred by their primary care physician, emergency department, or as a direct referral from a community-based physician.

MIMA providers are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest level of care during your hospital stay.  Our hospitalists: 

  • Are experienced in caring for acutely ill patients and the transition of care back to your residence
  • Are available in the hospital 24/7
  • Are available to communicate with families and care givers
  • Work closely with nurses and hospital staff to make your stay as short and safe as possible
  • Work closely with Midland Memorial Hospital specialists in coordinating your care
  • Help establish your after-discharge care and follow up

The Hospitalist and your primary care physician work together to ensure you get the care you need during your hospital stay.  Your primary care physician provides information about your past health history.  Your primary care physician can check on you and discuss your care with the Hospitalist anytime during your stay. 

At the time of your admission and discharge, your Hospitalist prepares a detailed report of findings and treatment plans for your primary care physician.  When you are discharged from the hospital, you will return to the care of your primary care physician.