Third Party Recruiters

Dear Third Party Recruiter,

Thank you for your interest in working with Midland Memorial Hospital (MMH) and visiting our website to learn more about our organization and the potential business relationships and opportunities for you.

MMH does work with third party recruiting agencies. We sincerely believe our continued success relies on our ability to attract top talent. We also respect the time and energy it takes to source qualified and interested candidates. Knowing this, we work with a small group of preferred vendors that have been selected as a result of an intense screening and evaluation process. Clinical vendors who provide contract clinical resources (travelers, etc.) are required to register with our third party vendor management, Medefis.  All other vendors will be managed by the MMH recruiting department.

Our preferred vendors work closely with our internal recruiting staff and have demonstrated their ability to deliver high quality candidates and provide excellent service. They are knowledgeable of our industry and are considered strategic partners of MMH.

Due to the high volume of solicitations from third party recruiters and the competitive landscape for providing talent, we perform an annual assessment of our preferred vendor list. All recruiting contracts are renewed annually and are good for one year, unless terminated otherwise.

If you would like to be considered as a potential future recruiting vendor, please send an email to:

Please note this process only qualifies you as a potential future vendor and DOES NOT qualify you as a preferred vendor.

All vendors must have an executed MMH vendor agreement. The agreement must be dated no later than one year previous to the date of the resume submission. All resumes submitted to MMH after one year is property of MMH.

MMH will not pay a fee to an external recruiter that does not have a signed vendor agreement on file with MMH. Any resume submitted to any employee of MMH without having a MMH vendor agreement in place will be considered property of MMH and MMH will not be held liable to pay a placement fee.

An executed vendor agreement is the only way you will be paid. Verbal commitments from any other member of the MMH staff will not be considered binding terms. MMH will not pay a fee to a third party recruiter that has not coordinated their recruiting activity with the appropriate member of the HR Recruiting Team.

It is the responsibility of all third party recruiting vendors to know and follow this policy.