Patient Access Registrar 7065-26724-03

Job Description

Patient Access Registrar’s primary responsibilities are: 1) to gather all pertinent patient information 2) to accurately admit/register or pre-admit patients; 3) to pre-certify all applicable admissions/pre-admissions; 4) to obtain signatures on all appropriate admissions forms if appropriate; 5) to ensure that patient  benefits/eligibility are verified and entered into the Hospital’s Information’s System when applicable; 6) when appropriate estimate and collect all co-pay’s/deductible’s that are owed to the hospital to meet departmental requirements; 7) identify and refer patients’ to the financial assistance department at MMH; and 8) to provide a full range of insurance verification functions on an as needed basis as requested by Management.  Additionally, because the Patient Access Registrar carries the responsibility of acting as the Hospital’s primary entry point into the system, all job duties are completed in a manner that is consistent with the highest quality of guest relations which results in a positive experience for the patient and/or his/her family member(s). The position also requires accountability for admitting/registering and/or providing verbal directions to patients and/or family members in any or all the following age groups: neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, and/or geriatric demonstration the appropriate skills to understand and react effectively to the needs of these patients and/or family members.



  • Ability to accurately complete data entry tasks for new and established MMH patients.
  • Ability to accurately complete insurance verification tasks.
  • Ability to complete Medicare Secondary Payer information.
  • Adherence to department policies and procedures.
  • Accurate completion of financial counseling responsibilities.
  • Accurate completion of Admissions paperwork.

Salaries are calculated upon applicable experience.


·         Must be a high school graduate or equivalent. 

Date Posted:
Midland Memorial Hospital Main Campus
Midland, Texas
Admitting / Registration