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Job Description

This is an entry level position that requires no prior experience. The foodservice student worker will learn the basics of foodservice operations and develop their on-the-job skills. This position will work in a variety of positions within the department gaining competency in multiple areas (pot washer, dish room, room service representative, retail line server, and cashier). During the school year, the foodservice student worker is limited to 20 hours per week (including weekends) and cannot work past 9 pm. During the summer, this position can work up to 40 hours. (Once the student is 18 years old, they can transfer in to any open fulltime position within the organization).



·         Must be able to consistently produce quality products according to established recipes and standards of quality for the specific assigned work station. Ensures all items are visually attractive as observed by the Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef or Retail Services Supervisor/Manager.

·         Excels at customer service and focuses on the needs of every customer. Ensures all food orders are produced in an efficient manner with attention to customer service and impeccable food quality.

·         Checks out retail customers during hours of operation.

o   Records accurately what patrons are buying in cash register system.

o   Collects correct amount of money for goods sold.

o   Exhibits proper use of cash register according to established procedure.

·         Responsible for accurately reporting all transactions at the end of the shift, and for turning in all cash collected during their shift.

           ·          Delivers room service meals to patients and delivers snacks as ordered.

o   Ensures timely and efficient delivery of patient meals within 45 minutes of the order being placed. Uses Tray in Motion hardware to track trays.

o   Assists patients by setting up room service trays within reach.

·         Properly identifies patients (using 2 identifiers) prior to delivery of trays per policy.

·         Picks up dirty tray carts from soiled utility rooms in patient tower. Properly unloads carts, cleans carts, and sanitizes carts so they can be recycled back up to patient tower for use.

·         Properly rinse pots, pans, utensils, patient dishes and trays, load dish machine, and dispose of waste items. Sweeps, mops, and maintains cleanliness of assigned areas as instructed by supervisor.



·         Must be 16 to 17 years old and currently enrolled in school. Must show proof of school enrollment.

·         Must maintain a C or 2.0 GPA or higher. Will have to provide proof of grades each six weeks.

·         Prior experience in foodservice is a plus but not required.

·         Must be able to effectively communicate information and respond to questions.

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Midland Memorial Hospital Main Campus
Midland, Texas
Patient Food Services