Sterile Processing Tech 62200112203

Job Description

Performs the essential duties and responsibilities and the primary functions of a Sterile Processing Technician. Incorporates current knowledge of principles of decontamination, disinfection, sterilization, and instrumentation in a hospital setting to provide indirect quality patient care.  Utilizes knowledge of Standard Precautions and infection control to perform the functions of the position.



·         Demonstrates thorough knowledge of instrument sets and names of instruments.


·         Recognizes that documentation of loads is a legal record and must be done accurately and completely. 


·         Monitors surgery schedule daily in order to anticipate instrument/ supply needs for scheduled, add-on and emergency procedures.


·         Sorts reusable material based on methods of decontamination (i.e., heat sensitive vs. non-heat sensitive, immersible vs. non-immersible, mechanical vs. hand wash).


·         Accurately assembles instrument sets and trays in a timely manner and inspects assembled instruments for cleanliness, state of repair and completeness.


·         Correctly packages/ wraps and labels material based on item properties and sterilization process, following guidelines and manufacturer recommendations.


Salaries are calculated upon applicable experience


·         Must be a high school graduate or equivalent work experience

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Midland Memorial Hospital Main Campus
Midland, Texas
Sterile Processing