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Job Description

Performs the essential duties and responsibilities and the primary functions of a Security and Safety Officer in providing safety and security to the staff, patients, visitors and property of Midland Memorial Hospital. Must use independent judgment in making decisions in a technical or professional field; research and analysis of information that concerns issues of a routine nature, and completion of non-routine procedures in conformance with instructions from supervisor or written guidelines.



·         Answers all calls for security.

·         As patient care and/or Hospital need dictates, both the assigned shift and work station may be changed by the department.

·         Ensure the safety of all patients, physicians, guests, visitors, and employees of the Hospital.

·         Perform routine walking patrol throughout the interior of all Midland Memorial properties.

o   Conduct floor-to-floor security patrol and security clocking rounds.

o   Perform predetermined locking and unlocking of doors.

o   Transport money, medications, and lost and found items according to policy.

o   Investigate criminal and non-criminal incidents reported to the Security Department and prepare detailed, written reports of the incidents.

o   Establish a high-visibility profile throughout the Hospital and Hospital-owned properties to aid in deterring criminal activity.

·         Patrol the exterior of Midland Memorial Hospital properties on foot and by use of Security vehicles.

o   Patrol parking lots, driveways, and emergency traffic areas to detect traffic hazards, parking violations, and deter criminal activity.

o   Assist with patient, visitor, guest, and employee vehicle problems when requested.

o   Check exterior doors, windows, and gates to ensure they are operational and in good repair.

o   Perform locking and unlocking of parking facility entrances.

o   Provide security presence in parking facilities during shift change to promote an atmosphere of safety.

·         Provide routine and special assignments in the Emergency Department.

o   Respond immediately to code situations and emergency calls for assistance.

o   Assist with Medivac operations as needed.

o   Assist with restraints ordered in line with Department and Hospital policy.

o   Effect arrest and issue trespass warnings as directed by law and Hospital policy.

o   Assist in receiving, securing, and transporting law enforcement patients.

·         Develop and maintain positive working relations with patients, physicians, visitors, guests, and co-workers.

o   Display a positive attitude.

o   Promote team effort.

o   Consistently strive to improve employee and non-employee relations throughout the Hospital.

o   Exhibit a courteous demeanor when answering the telephone, using the two-way radio, or personally helping individuals in day-to-day encounters.

·         Answer all alarms and emergency calls requiring Security assistance.

o   Quickly respond to all fire, pharmacy, and panic alarms.

o   Respond to Hospital-wide STAT and Emergency calls.

o   Meet responding fire department and life support personnel in accordance with policy.

o   Anticipate Security’s responsibility regarding the call being answered and be prepared to consider the best interests of all parties concerned.

o   Take control of situations as needed and assist when necessary.

o   Complete all associated paperwork.

·         Secure lost and found articles.

o   Receive, tag, log, and make secure all lost and found articles.

o   Attempt to contact owners, if known, and make arrangements for return of property.

o   Keep lost and found storage area clean, neat, and secure.

o   Make proper disposition of articles not claimed within holding period as set out in Departmental Policy and Procedures Manual.

·         Respond appropriately regarding safety and life-threatening situations.

o   Respond appropriately during inclement weather.

o   Respond appropriately to bomb threats.

o   Respond appropriately in a disaster situation.

o   Provide crowd control.

o   Demonstrate knowledge of DNV, General Safety, and Job-Specific Safety functions.



Salaries are calculated upon applicable experience


·         High School graduate or equivalent.  Ability to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.  Be able to follow written and oral instructions.  Texas Peace Officer Commission or Security Training.  Valid Texas Class C driver’s license required.  Must be 21 years of age or older.

·         Must be able to use personal computer, typewriter, two-way radio, and telephone.  Must be able to qualify for Texas Motor Vehicle Insurance.  Must purchase and wear complete Security Officer Uniform.

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Midland Memorial Hospital Main Campus
Midland, Texas