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Job Description

Performs the essential duties and responsibilities and the primary functions of the INFO SYSTEMS COORDINATOR. Responsible for the ongoing operations associated with server resources of the Organization. Responsible for promoting team work with co­ workers and personnel of other departments. Responsible for solving routine problems, dealing with a variety of issues and interpreting a variety of instructions furnished in written or oral form. Demonstrate knowledge and judgment necessary for performing all the duties of the INFO SYSTEMS COORDINATOR.



·         Reliably perform all activities as described in established policies and procedures associated with this position

·         Identify and respond to emergent issues as described by policy and procedure.

·         All requests for time off will be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the time requested and no earlier than 3 months before the time requested.  Exceptions may be made in emergency situations.

·         The employee will always be alert to, and notify the appropriate parties concerning any potential safety hazards.

·         The employee will constantly strive to make the Hospital Information Systems department the safest working environment possible.

·         The employee will deal courteously with all employees with which he/she does business.

·         The employee will answer phones promptly and properly, identifying the department and himself or herself.

·         Phone mail messages will be returned promptly.

·         Assure departmental security remains in effect while on duty. This includes assuring that the main computer room is locked at all times, the general entrance to the department is locked when the department is unattended and all terminals are logged off while the department is unattended.

·         Maintains a working knowledge of current trends and developments in the industry as it relates to microcomputer equipment and peripherals. Disseminate relevant information on new microcomputer hardware and software technologies to appropriate personnel.


Salaries are calculated upon applicable experience


A mental development equivalent to completion of 1 to 2 years of college and includes a reasoning capability to interpret a variety of technical instructions, evaluate technical data, and compose correspondence and work related technical reports.

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Midland Memorial Hospital Main Campus
Midland, Texas
Hospital Information Systems