Clinical Engineer

Job Description

Repairs and maintains patient care equipment, analytical instruments, computer based medical equipment systems and related technologies to ensure its safety and operational performance characteristics. Performs scheduled preventive maintenance according to hospital policies, procedures and industry recognized standards.

Maintains accurate documentation of all service events, performance tests and corrective maintenance performed on a wide range of equipment types, including life support, monitoring, diagnostic, therapeutic, analytical, and general clinical (patient care) devices.

Participates in and/or assists with development of departmental and hospital based continuous quality improvement initiatives. Maximizes patient safety by supporting the proper use, application and operational performance of patient care equipment.




·         Maintains repairs, calibrates and inspects medical, diagnostic, analytical equipment, and support systems.

·         Responds to requests for service of medical, diagnostic, analytical equipment, and support systems. Usually independently must diagnose the problem and repair the device/system.

·         Determines need for equipment calibration and ensures that approved calibration procedures are sued and documented.

·         Maintains documentation on new equipment, inspections, and equipment repairs and failures.

  • Maintains parts inventory and processes orders for additional stock as needed.
  • Executes medical equipment system software and hardware upgrades as required.
  • Verifies the quality of work performed by vendor service technician after each service call to insure performance of device/system meets specifications.
  • Collaborate with Hospital Information Systems to ensure Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance and connectivity of medical devices.
  • Acts as the CE-IT liaison, working together with the IT Department as needed to troubleshoot device integration/connectivity issues.
  • Manages the Wireless Medical Telemetry System (WMTS) licensees and registration. Monitors and maintains as needed other wireless type systems within a medical device(s) that utilize WMTS, Wi-Fi, and microwave.
  • Supports, maintains, troubleshoots and repairs medical equipment device network systems, servers, and related technologies.
  • Understand and comply with DNV and other applicable standards and regulations.


Salaries are based upon applicable experience.


·          Associate’s degree in electronic or biomedical equipment technology is desirable.

·         ICC Certification for the Biomedical  Equipment Technician (CBET) is required

·         Network Plus certification is required.


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Midland Memorial Hospital Main Campus
Midland, Texas
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