Join the Pink Out Challenge

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer 
 1 in 36 will die of the disease    

Midland Memorial Hospital is challenging their employees to “Pink-Out” the Hospital as a way to increase employee awareness of the importance to have mammograms. Employees, who are eligible to have a mammogram, wear pink on the last Friday of every month until October, when they wear pink on every Friday in support of breast cancer awareness. Employees who are male or too young to have their mammogram also support the initiative by wearing purple.    

 As recommended by the American Cancer Society, all women, starting at age 40, should have an annual mammogram.  

 Did you know 1 in 6 breast cancers occur in women aged 40-49?

 So, you think you don’t need a mammogram?  

 Here’s a Midland Memorial Hospital employee story:   A recent Midland Memorial Hospital employee had a mammogram many years ago but didn’t want or think she ever needed to have another mammogram. Why should she? She wasn’t having any problems and didn’t have any history of breast cancer in her family.  

After reluctantly agreeing to schedule her screening mammogram, she had her mammogram but was asked to come back for a diagnostic exam, followed by a biopsy.  

Unfortunately, the results of the biopsy came back positive for breast cancer. Fortunately, this employee’s prognosis is very good. The breast cancer was caught early, when it is most treatable.

Is this you? Do you think you don’t need a mammogram? A mammogram CAN save your life!  

 Please don’t wait. Simply take 20 minutes out of your busy schedule to have your screening mammogram. With mammography, breast cancer can be found two years prior to ever feeling a lump.  

 If you have not had a mammogram and you are eligible to have one, schedule your appointment at Allison Women’s Imaging by calling 432-221-3040.